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Dragon Rift


The “Mida-land” used to be a peaceful territory until the “ever-sun” comes and burnt everything. The residences of “Mida-land” moved to underground just for survive. They went to war with the underground dragons; both sides suffered a heavy loss. Finally, the god of dragon quelled the war. Let them sign a coexistence contract. But underground resources were increasingly scarce. To survive, the horn of the new war was sounded.Your mission is to form your own army and lead the human clans to survive! The most popular strategy gameplay: lead human survivals to develop technology, expand territory and defend other clans. It is an era full of darkness where magic, dragon and technology coexist.Dragon Rift is the best strategy game we design for you. Download it now to enjoy strategy fighting.How to play:-Build, produce and develop technology; you have to rely on weapons in darkness.-Use strategy to fight; arrange heroes and arms properly-Upgrade building, make your clans into a fort as strong as iron-Clash with players from the world, or form alliance
Features:-Not only dragons, more than tens of underground clans for you to explore.-Fight to upgrade, peaceful development can’t deal with various clashes -The best strategy game designed for you-Perfect combination of graphics and sound-simple touch screen operation, easy to master-Provide lots of gameplay and interaction
The darkness is coming! Are you ready to lead your clans to deal with clashes?